Getting Started

Any user with a UA HPC account can log into and use El Gato. If you have an existing account on the UITS HPC systems, you can log into and use El Gato immediately.

If you wish to connect to El Gato from off-campus computers, you will need to install and log into the UA VPN system. See here for instructions on the VPN system.

If you do not have a UITS HPC account, please follow the instructions in to create one.

Once you have an account (and have logged into the UA VPN if connecting from off-campus), to log into El Gato simply $ssh  This will take you to the bastion host which is just an entry point to the supercomputers.  At the prompt enter "elgato".

Excepting compilation, all jobs on El Gato must be submitted through the queue. No jobs may be run on the login node. Violators will be removed from the system.

For help, questions, or any technical issues, please feel free to contact el-gato-support.