Listing Available Modules

 Applications except for the ones listed under modules are the user’s responsibility, and may be installed in their home directory or other assigned storage.  The applications can be invoked through LSF job scripts or from an interactive shell as the home directory and other directories are available as shared storage.

To view the available modules on El Gato, use 

$module avail

 Loading a Module

 To load a module on El Gato, use

$module load [module name]

 Using IDL, Matlab or Python

The widely used software packages Matlab, IDL and Python are available as modules on El Gato. All university users can make use of Matlab on El Gato. The new version has many GPU-enabled features: The IDL license is restricted to Department of Astronomy personnel (Astro personnel should email el-gato-support to enable use of IDL). To load these software packages, you must first request an interactive LSF job (see here for details) (Matlab and IDL MAY NOT be used on the login node):

$bsub -XF -Is bash

And then load the software using the module command:

$module load matlab


$module load idl

Using the -XF LSF flag will enable windows to be forwarded from the node to your screen.